About Us

Flag & Banner Manufacturer


Carroll & Richardson Flagworld has been serving 15,000 satisfied customers for over 50 years.

Our screen printing capabilities are unmatched and we use state of the art printing equipment to ensure a quality product every time. We print on a range of fabrics including vinyl, knitted polyester and woven polyester. Our high tech washing machines ensure high quality finishes and a significant reduction in water usage.

We also supply fully sewn flags whereby images are hand sewn onto woven fabric, creating a unique and prestigious look.All products are manufactured on site to ensure high quality as well as fast printing and delivery. Our warehouse stocks thousands of standard (non-customised) flags and banners so orders placed in the morning can be shipped the same business day. We are one of the few flag companies with a fully stocked warehouse and on site manufacturing.

We also work with customers to create to create customised flags and banners.

All of our products are Australian made and long lasting. 

Flagworld employs green practises including solar PV panels in the factory roof to generate electricity.

Specialist Printers & Equipment 

As a company that specialises in screen and digital printing, Carroll & Richardson embarked on a major refit of its screen printing capabilities in 2001, installing a fully automated screen printing machine, the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

In 2006, we installed the latest vinyl printer and in 2008, a digital fabric printer.

As the market for digital printing has continued to grow and technology has advanced, we installed a number of digital fabric printers in 2010, 2013 and 2015 with capability to print up to 2.5m wide.  The number of digital fabric printers is 5.

Three vinyl printers have also been purchased to meet growing demand for vinyl and polypropylene products.

In 2012 a significant investment in the latest technology fabric washing machines was made, leading to higher quality finishes as well as significant reduction in energy and water use.

Further investments in screen technology equipment have also been committed to.


customised flags and banners


Our Process

So, what is involved in producing a solution to your branding needs?

It starts with a collaborative approach with designers, graphic artists, printers and finishers to ensure that the final product is all you expect and more.

Then it is down to the process of converting your brand and ideas into practical outcomes that will exceed your expectations. Whether this be a digitally printed solution or a screen printed one, our expert printers and finishers have years of experience in producing the right outcome. Artwork is converted into files for either direct to fabric or vinyl digital printing or onto film for screen printing.

Digital printing is direct onto fabric or vinyl and includes heating fabrics to assist in ensuring that inks adhere to the material.

Fabric screen printing using our world famous “Zimmer” printer is a closely monitored activity, getting ink formulations just right, aligning screens to ensure perfect registration and then setting the inks through our Arioli at just the right temperature and humidity to ensure optimal colour fastness and finish.

Then it is off to the laundry to wash and to remove any unused surface inks and ensure the feel and lustre of the product is what you would expect. Sewing, inspection and packaging to ensure that your product will fit the purpose or poles just as you ordered, prior to dispatch.

Carroll & Richardson dispatches products all over Australia and around the world.

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