Flagtrax Street Flag System

Flagtrax Street Flag System
Flagtrax No Cherry Pickers

No Cherry Pickers

Discover the hassle free way to install street flags quickly and safety from the ground. FlagTrax® allows you to raise and lower street flags easily from ground level and can be fitted to new or existing poles, lamp posts or walls.

Avoid the unnecessary expense of cherry pickers, qualified technicians, traffic management plans or health & safety compliance.

A Cherry Picker will likely be required to install Flagtrax, but once installed they aren't needed for flag changeovers.

On Trend Promotions

The ease of changing over banners makes it more cost effective to update banners for seasonal and event promotions.

Run campaigns for your community and take advantage of lucrative opportunities to rent banner space to local businesses, groups or event planners.

FlagTrax® street flags can be seen day and night with the addition of optional LED lighting inserts. The ultimate 24/7 display solution.

City of Mt Gambier Case Study

The City of Mt Gambier has installed Flagtrax so they can regularly update events banners to promote locations and events to incoming tourists.
  • The original vinyl banners used by the City of Mt Gambier required cherry pickers, traffic management plans and additional staff to update.
  • Flagtrax systems were installed to make banner updates easier, more cost effective and less time consuming.
  • The old system using vinyl banners required 2 days work to update banners over 4 different sites, using cherry pickers and 2-6 workers including traffic management.
  • Now, the new Flagtrax systems allow 1 worker to safely update banners from the ground, taking around 4 hours, and without any special training requirements.
  • Flagtrax minimises risk from a work, health and safety perspective, and allows maximum exposure for new events.

The City of Mount Gambier CEO, Barbara Cernovskis and the staff featuring in the video have given approval for video use on the Flagworld website.

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