Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between knitted polyester, woven and fully sewn flags?

A. Knitted polyester: Light weight fabric, designed for indoor and outdoor use Flies easily in the wind. We recommend using knitted polyester flags in calm to moderate environments as they would fly even in slightest breeze.

Woven polyester: Heavy duty linen look fabric. Designed for Indoor and outdoor use.Considered longer lasting and more durable. Suitable for extreme conditions.

Fully sewn: Appliqued images sewn onto woven fabric. Considered the most prestigious look. Suitable for harsh winds and has the same life span as woven polyester as its made from the same material.

Q. What is a life span of knitted, woven and fully sewn flags?

A. It is very hard to determine the life span of a flag due to the unpredictable weather conditions and other external factors like dust. 

Q. What should I do to prolong the life of the flag?

A. Watch the corners on the 'fly' end of your flag. Its the first area to show signs of wear and tear. Trim off the worn hem and re-hem the ends again. When done promptly can greatly extend the life of your flag.

Avoid flying a dirty flag as dirt is sharp and cuts fabrics, it dulls colours and it causes wear. Most outdoor flags can be washed using a mild detergent in a domestic washing machine.

Q. What is the correct way to dispose of a national flag?

A. To dispose the old national flag, you will need to cut the flag up into unrecognisable small pieces and throw it in the bin.

You can also recycle your flags with us, click here for more information, or contact us for a quote.