Flag Installation Instructions

To learn how to attach your flag by the loops to a flagpole, use our Flag Clip Instruction guide. Nylon clips (also called Sister clips) are a quiet and sturdy way of attaching your flag to the rope. We also have metal clips available for a more prestigious look.

Download Our Flag Clip Instructions Here.

Learn how to install your flag with our comprehensive flag installation guide.

Below, we provide detailed instructions on attaching flag clips to your flag, setting up your flagpole rope (halyard), attaching your flag to the halyard of your flagpole, and installing a weight collar. Whether you're a seasoned flag enthusiast or setting up your first display, our step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process to get your flags flying high with confidence.

If you still have questions, email our team for help at enquiry@flagworld.com.au

Attaching Flag Clips/Sister Clips to Flag

Nylon flag clips (also called sister clips) are a quiet and sturdy way of attaching your flag to the rope. Metal clips are also available for a more prestigious look.

  1. Thread the loop on the flag header through eye in the flag clip.
  2. Place the loop over the top of the clip.
  3. Push it all the way down and pull tight.

Attaching Rope/Halyard to Flagpole, Flag Clips, and Splice Clip

  1. Thread the rope through the fairlead or pulley on the flagpole
  2. Take one end of the rope, thread through the flag clip and tie a knot as per drawing.
  3. Take the other end of the rope and repeat step 2.
  4. Join the rope together with a splice clip or tie together with a reef knot.
  5. Space the flag clips apart to suit the depth of your flag.

Attaching Flag to Rope/Halyard

  1. First connect the top of the flag to the top clip. Pull the rope on either side of the clip very tight, so that its position is locked.
  2. Loosen the lower knot and slide down the halyard until the distance is slightly longer than the distance between the two clips on the flag. This will ensure some of the tension applied to the halyard is transmitted through the heading of the flag, holding it tight.
  3. Hoist the flag.
  4. Twist the rope at least once around the flagpole before tying it off.

Installing a Weight Collar

A flag weight collar is a durable collar that wraps around the flagpole, providing additional weight and support. It is a simple yet effective accessory designed to enhance the stability and appearance of your flag display.

By adding extra stability, the weight collar prevents the flag from flapping excessively in the wind, reducing wear and tear on the fabric and prolonging its lifespan. Additionally, the collar helps maintain a clean and polished look by keeping the flag securely in place, even during windy conditions. 

  1. Working at ground level, undo the screw on the shackle attached to the flag weight collar. Wrap the flag weight collar around the flagpole and secure the shackle to the loop below the flag clip, using a screwdriver to do up the screw.
  2. Attach flag clips to the loops on your flag if they are not already attached.
  3. Lower the flagpole rope. The rope should have one or two flag clips attached. Attach the top flag clip on your flag to the top (or only) flag clip on the flagpole rope. Attach the bottom flag clip on your flag to the flag clip on the weight collar. If you have a bottom flag clip on the rope, it will not be used if you are attaching a flag weight collar.
  4. The flag is now ready to fly.