Environmental Statement

The company’s mission statement states "To use environmentally friendly products in our manufacturing processes".

  • Our approach to environmental management within the business is driven by both the need to reduce costs and sustain high quality products. Our key inputs are energy and water as well as materials such as inks and cloth. Inks are disperse dye which are more environmentally friendly than “so called” eco solvent inks.
  • Waste minimisation is achieved through effective layout design, printing processes and the procurement of cloth that limits waste. Energy inputs are managed through timely use and efficient production volumes.
  • We also have minimised the use of plastic in packaging and unless specifically instructed otherwise by a client, banners will be supplied without plastic bags and packed into plain boxes which can be recycled. We have found in partnership with many installers that they do not want plastic bags due to the need to dispose of them.
  • The company has recently replaced and upgraded its existing washing facilities to reduce water and energy consumption and sewage discharge.
  • We also seek to minimise the carbon footprint from project inception through to delivery. This is a key consideration when transport options are being considered.